Joomla 1.5 SEF URL’s Break Images Path

Yes according to title, the SEF (Search Engine Friendly) at joomla 1.5 broke my images. I don’t know why. You can insert the images via tinymce joomla editor and work perfectly but then after you try to click the “Read More” the images went blank. I found the solution for this problem on the joomla forum. There are a couple points:

    1. Insert the value $live_site at configuration.php.

examples : $live_site = ‘http://belajarislam.com’

    1. It’s kind hard in this but work perfectly

change the source at lines 108 at includes/application.php
The original: $document->setBase(JURI::current());
change to : $document->setBase(JURI::base());

After that try refresh your site and test your images again. I hope it will be usefull.

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