Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Machine Learning

What do you think of when you hear the term machine learning ?. What is the first word that comes to mind ?. Some people will come up with T-1000, the antagonist from The Terminator or maybe from The Transformers (Human Machine ?). That’s fine because they barely knew the linguistic term means.

Let me give you examples. You want to buy something, a book or action figure. You open a browser and searching using search engine. You will realize the search engine will gave you the most relevant links. You click the second link and the search engine will learns from this.

You bought books from online store. Any books with any genres. The system from online store learns from this. When people try to search the book, the online store will give them the most related books. People who’d love the book of gardening sometimes buy recipes book and etc.

Machine Learning

Another example when you buy a cookie from the store you will be given Rp.3000 rupiah discount for buying tea. Why is that ?. Because from the historical data we can learn that peoples always buy cookie and tea.

This is where machine learning works. Machine learning is actively being used today with different kind of methods and algorithm. With machine learning we can gain insight from a dataset. We can make the data more useful and can produce interesting fact we can use.

Peter Harrington said that machine learning lies at intersection of computer science, engineering and statistics. Often appears in other disciplines too like math. Using machine learning we can predict problem whose will rise or maybe a solution for a problem like an earthquake or tsunami. In business we can predict trends in the future. Of course if we said predict that means not 100% accurate.

In the world with almost anything connected to the internet like laptops, smartphones even appliances, data become the most crucial things. Without proper handling it can just blew away from our hands. We must be smart, use proper method for handling the data. This first article just an introduction in machine learning. I hope in the next article I can give you more about machine learning.

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