Renew Letsencrypt for FreeBSD 10.2

Letsencrypt sent me an email said that my certificate will expire in 19 days. So if you using FreeBSD 10.2 here is the fastest way to make it work. Before execute this steps please check it your FreeBSD ports. The letsencrypt port reside in security/letskencrypt or security/py27-letsencrypt. The first one doesn’t exist even after I update my ports so I try the second one. But it seems the code still error. If this two ports is not working try this steps.

  1. root# pip install –upgrade letsencrypt-s3front
  2. certbot renew –standalone –pre-hook “service nginx stop” –post-hook “service nginx start”

I’m using nginx for my web server. Please make sure you know what you are doing don’t just copy paste this step in your shell.

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