Android Play Store Background Data Disabled

I have been using custom rom for my Galaxy Grand Duos for quite some time. Around two years maybe. If you are asking why then it’s because the vendor does not release next official rom for my Galaxy Grand Duos and another reason is my Grand Duos growing slower and slower. Okay here is my custom rom provided by Cyanogenmod. This is cyanogenmod unofficial version for Galaxy Grand Duos (Device Model : GT-I9802). Android version 5.0.2.

If you open your Play Store and find error android play store background data disabled like this below, what will you do ?. I was very disappointed. I don’t recall what is the cause of this problem. I just replace my battery and as far as I remember I’m not doing anything related to software or change anything.

Android play store background data disabled means you cannot access your Play Store. You have been restart your device and the problem still exist. You have been try to remove restricted data but still can’t open Play Store. Stuck eh ?. I have solution for this error android play store background data disabled. Open your application info for Play Store.

Try this step for android play store background data disabled.
1. Clear cache

2. Force stop

3. Restart your android

and voila !, you can use your Play Store again.

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