GNU/Linux Lubuntu 16.04 Sound Settings

Default installation from my GNU/Linux Lubuntu 16.04 doesn’t have any sound control. I never use my desktop PC for listening any sound especially when this desktop is for computation. But when my friend told me that his Logitech USB headset is not working I need to test it. His GNU/Linux is the same like me. As far as I know Ubuntu is very easy and everything is taking care by them so in my mind I don’t have to setup or install anything but I was wrong. If I use dmesg command I’m pretty sure that this headset is working enough. Figure 1 will show the result from dmesg.

dmesg resultsFigure 1. Our headset is working

After I search in Ubuntu forum I found that we need to setup the applet first. You can right click in bottom right corner to add the sound control applet panel like this Figure 2 and click “Add/Remove Panel Items”.

Add Renive Panel AppletsFigure 2. Add / Remove Panel

Another window will came up. Choose “Panel Applets” tab and click “+ Add” button like this Figure 3.

Add Panel AppletsFigure 3. Panel Applets

Next we add “Volume Control” like this Figure 4. Click on “Volume Control” and add. Notice that an icon in bottom right corner shows up.

Volume Control

Figure 4. Volume Control Applets

Our job not finish because still no sound in headset. If you try to open the volume control in bottom right corner, alsamixergui window will show up. I don’t know exactly how this thing can make our headset working and the graphical image is not so friendly. I decide to install another software. Open your terminal and install pavucontrol package using apt.

$ sudo apt install pavucontrol

Next we try again open the volume control and new window with user friendly image shows up. Figure 5 will show you the detail. Now you can adjust your input / output sound.

setup input output soundFigure 5. Input / Output Settings

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