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My Journey Seeking Suitable Operating System

Back then before I choose FreeBSD as my favourite operating system for server and Ubuntu for my desktop, Gentoo become my favourite one. The most optimize operating system because its compiling from the source based on our processor, very light and faster boot and we can freely and manually tuning it with our likes. I don’t have to worry for slow bandwidth because I works in ISP. Almost every week I’m updating my kernel and apply the most stable one or I feel seem stable (I’m not measuring with any parameter, please don’t follow my example).

A year later my routine change because I resign from my job and back to slow bandwidth. It’s okay for me and I have to say goodbye to my Gentoo and find another that suit my machine. Ubuntu is my first choice for desktop, why ?, this is the most suitable operating system supporting many drivers and can detect almost all. I don’t have to worry for compiling driver or even compiling my kernel. Even Ubuntu said that compiling kernel is not recommended unless you really.. really want it and insist or maybe you are kernel hacker :). Me ?, I don’t think so. I prefer apt-get and install all application I really want. Forget about compiler, gcc and the others.

My Journey Seeking Suitable Operating System ubuntu-logo14archlinux-logo-dark-90dpi.ebdee92a15b3

Now the development of operating system becoming more and more advanced. Take look Raspbian based on Debian and ArchLinux Arm based on Arch Linux. All just for tiny little Raspberry Pi. Not just Raspbian and Arch even FreeBSD can running in raspberry but I don’t try it yet. A tiny device that can run like personal computer. But please, don’t underestimate it, even the tiny little device can be build as fundamental for robotic project. Someday I’m gonna put my video shows the robot running, not my robot, my friend’s robot project :). I hope I can build it too. Now I’m very happy playing not just Raspberry but Arduino becoming my toys for research and development. Hahaha childish, eh ?. Absolutely right and I don’t care, even adults have a tiny little childish side. By the way if you find my English sucks don’t bother and please… you can find another blog and don’t waste your time in here :).

iconRaspberry Pi

Cara Installasi GNU/Libuntu

Now, my projects use CentOS, Ubuntu, Oracle Linux and sometimes Windows, I don’t mind as long as the operating system is legal and original. My next article will show you the changes in command line shell in GNU/Linux especially CentOS. I should say major changes maybe but its okay. No change no more learn I guess because change is necessity. So what kind of operating system do you like best ?.

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  1. Oracle 10g XE bisa ziz, tapi ya itu ada limitasinya. Kalau Oracle memang enak pakai CentOS. Jadi ke Carnegie and Mellon ?

  2. now im trying use osx and arch on my machine, after long time ( arround 5 years) pairing with mint, at least i got sweet moment 🙂

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