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New Challenge : Yii Framework

After many years developing using Zend Framework (version 1.x), now we have new challenge. We had a client requesting new framework to develop, Yii Framework. What is Yii Framework ? and what is the difference between Zend and Yii. You can find any articles and many in the internet about Yii. This one article just show you my first experience using our first framework before using Yii Framework, that’s all.

Long before using Zend, the first meta framework (I called meta because in my opinion there is no MVC concept, CMIIW) I used is php-PEAR. The great thing in php-PEAR was scaffolding. After we create database and input some data around it we can generate the form based on the database schema. We called it Form Builder. Is it just one table or many tables you can generate it by yourself. But, php-PEAR had some weakness, they don’t have any MVC concept and this is a problem. We still mixed between the layout and design with the logical program. Many php source still mixed with html source.

After discussing and brainstorming with the team the choice goes to Zend. It is not without reason. One of my team said why we choose Zend. It’s because PHP created by Zend and of course they know much better than others. So we think Zend will match with our projects in the future. We had try another framework though. There are Code Igniter, CakePHP, Prado and Symfony.

Code Igniter and Zend are the great candidates but after discussing more and more finally the team choose Zend Framework. This will be our base framework for every projects we develop, yet not every people use it. Most of our clients are not too familiar with programming and framework. They accepting any framework or anything though. They just want the system, the application is working and that is more than enough.

Now after long journey using Zend, it’s the time to try another challenge :). I presume every company had their own discussion choosing the right framework. Don’t ask programmers, usually they have their own favorite framework. It is not always the same this framework is good than the others. I can’t say that Zend is the great framework. It has weakness too but every company must choose their own for their projects. I love challenge and always like to learn new technology.

So Yii Framework!… welcome to our company

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