Oracle Virtualbox – Cannot Start VM ntdll Error

1. Windows 8
2. Oracle Virtualbox for Windows 4.3.26-98988

If you ever met this error “Error -5600 in supR3HardenedWinReSpawn!” and your Virtual Machine (VM) won’t start, not just one but all of them cannot start then you must check your Windows Update. If you want to know the detail just follow this Oracle Virtualbox – VM Cannot Start ntdll Error

My temporary solution is here. Follow the steps.
1. Open Control Panel
Screenshot 2015-05-05 06.04.31
2. Choose “View Installed Updates” from the left
3. Search “KB3045999” from the right side and enter
4. Uninstall

After KB3045999 uninstalled your computer will reboot. After reboot try again your Oracle Virtualbox and voila it works again. FYI, KB3045999 is a security update. If you want to know the detail just search it.


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