Samsung Galaxy 5 – Too Many Pattern Attempts

I wrote this article as a guide for those already stuck to find a way out of problems “too many pattern attempts” on Samsung Galaxy 5 GT-I5503 Eclair Europe Version. This happened when I used to put a password on Samsung Galaxy pattern, then my son fiddling until it finally happens. Samsung that I bought is still under warranty but I’m afraid it takes a long time if given to a samsung service center while I have to immediately use it.

I’ve tried looking in some forums but did not provide any solutions. I cannot reboot into recovery mode by pressing the “Vol Up” + “Center Button” + “Power Button” or any other key combination. I think this is a bug in the Eclair. I will try to provide one solution that might solve your problem. It should be noted I am not responsible for what happens on your Samsung Galaxy 5 if anything happens. In these conditions you also still can backup all your Contacts and all your data through Samsung Kies. Quickly backup!. Here are some things you need to fix it:

1. Odin Flash 4.28 and the Ops (http://www.4*
2. Android SDK Development ( You don’t have to download this if you can Hard Reset
3. USB Cable from Samsung Galaxy

First, follow the steps on this forum flash to upgrade from Eclair to Froyo (WHAT !!!), then after that I’m sure your Samsung Galaxy 5 still in a state of locked mode (What The ??!!…). Patience first. After you flash your Samsung Galaxy 5 will still be in a locked state mode.

Second, then you Hard Reset with the combination of “Vol Up” + “Center Button” + “Power Button” (for this combination I do not use it). I prefer to use the Android SDK Development through the command adb. Noted that the position of Samsung Galaxy 5 still plugged in the USB. Use the command in adb “adb reboot recovery”. After that your Samsung Galaxy 5 will reboot and go into recovery mode. Please select “Data Wipe” and “Wipe Cache” (as I recall). REMEMBER!, backup first using KIES before choosing the “Wipe!”. Once completed, insha Allah your Samsung Galaxy 5 will back fine with FROYO without “Too Many Login Attempts Pattern”. Good luck! 🙂

Update: I’m not using Samsung Galaxy 5 anymore so this article maybe obsolete 🙂

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  1. Ini informasi yg saya cari2, thanks gan dah sharing, sy mau coba, nanti hasilnya comment lagi disini.
    Doain berhasil yah…

  2. Do you mind if I shared this article on my webpage? I would certainly give you credit and a link back to your blog. Thanks, and don’t hesitate to let me know here, or email me!

  3. Hi, i was using cyanogenmod 7 on my Galaxy 5 for past 6 to 7 months. I was working fine. Now it suddenly having bootloop problem. It can go to download mode, but ODINI is not recognizing the phone. I am unable to anything since it is bricked. Can you provide a solution for this?

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