Thank You, TNT

Please, I’m not gonna talk about explosive things :). I’m talking about packages delivery. Yes, a courier.

== Friday May 15, 2015 ==

It’s Friday May 15, 2015, I have deadline for submitting application to Japan. The deadline is May 20, 2015 the document must arrive in that date. Meanwhile in saturday I have to attend my cousin’s wedding ceremony. Its a sacred moment and I can’t skip it because all of my family will be gather and it will be suspicious if I’m not coming, hehehe. And also saturday is day off because Isra Miraj Day and that means holiday for everyone and all offices will be close. I can’t send my application before day because I’m still waiting from them to confirm that I can send my application. Although I can send in Monday May 18 but it will be late to arrive because normally it takes 4 days. I have promised too in Monday for taking my children and wife for vacation. Sigh!. Can you imagine that ?, a very strict date and all of them is important to me. I’m not skipping anything so I take my chances and improvise :). My last opportunity is Friday, that is all!.

After Jummah Prayer I prepare all documents and it takes 3 hours, gosh!. It’s 4.00 PM then I ran like a wild deer 🙂 (that’s a figure of speech, actually). In my mind there is only two, Fedex or DHL for courier services and Post Office is my last choice. I’m after Fedex first and after I arrive they are close -_-. I turn around to find DHL around Maguwoharjo and still I can’t find it. Clock is ticking it’s 4.30 PM and I need to hurry so I choose Post Office for their EMS service. Before processing, the staff said the package will arrive around May 21, WAW ! so I said wait up !, Stop !, I’m thinking. I’m asking is there any courier who can send my document not over than May 20, she shook her head -_-. So I’m trying to remember in the road passing by I saw TNT before I reached to fedex. So I take that chances, after all the Post Office is open until 10.00 PM so it’s worth to try others first.

I turn around and running again with my bike until I reach TNT office in Maguwo. Alhamdulillah, they not close yet it’s 4.45 PM and their last order is 5.00 PM. So I’m asking again how long my document will arrive. She said my document will arrive around May 19. YAY !, thank you TNT.

== Saturday May 16, 2015 ==

My cousin’s wedding

== Sunday May 17, 2015 – Tuesday May 19, 2015 ==


== Wednesday May 20, 2015 ==


Alhamdulillah, my package has arrived in May 20, 2015. Not over than May 20 so once again thank you, TNT 🙂

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